Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Sorry for taking so long about posting lets get started shall we. Today I took down all my Cardfight stories regardless of type I also took down the covers that go with them. In addition I also removed some of my other stuff. My reason being? The core data about them was pretty much wrong. As a writer I have to be reasonably accurate (or so I like think) so since the criteria for information was below what it should be, POOF! Out the window they went. So as of now RP things aside I only have two stories Skylanders: Before the Bottle and PMD Forces of Mystery and for the moment random projects aside I'll be happy to just work on those when I can. Although like before new story ideas keep popping up in my minds eye begging for a chance to see the light of the internet. Also I'm considering returning to my fantasy fiction story. But we'll see what happens but I should warn you that with some new groups I've joined recently you can expect new OC's from me. Whether or not I'll give them a story of their own is another matter. Beyond that... some months ago a friend got me hooked on the trailers for a new series called RWBY (Red White Black Yellow) it premiered a few days ago and it was epic for all it was 12 minutes which rather made the waiting worse but oh well. I'm happy to await the release of all the new Pokemon from Kalos for X and Y. Final Fantasy XIV continues to taunt me because of technical issues of all sorts but oh well I'll live (somehow!). My College Summer Class: Photoshop for Animators is going pretty well although I do wish my 3-D skills were better but that's something time will decide I think. That's about it for now. Look forward to the future!

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