Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exclusive Things

Hello me again. I thought it was time for me to post something exclusive to my blog. As I said before I draw and write. Today I will updating the links to my four other hot-spots (i.e. Youtube, Deviantart, FanFiction.net, and FictionPress.

On that note on DA and FictionPress I'm writing an original story titled Realms. To do something exlsuive to set this place apart I'm gonna post  something here one of (the first of many I hope!) drawings that I will post here instead of on DA. So to start with we have this:
 My Little Golem

Lately I've been obsessed with games that let you cal beings to either fight with or for you (Pokemon, TCG's, and Final Fantasy mainly) So my main character for Realms Dusk I thought he should have some "strange creatures" he can call on this drawing was a result of that. Tell me what you think :).

Update: You can view my other profiles through my profile here :).

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